We Are Reopening – May 18th

We are excited to announcement we will be reopening our office to all our patients Monday, May 18th. This includes patients in treatment, new patients, and patients ready to get their braces off. Please be patient as we schedule everyone. We encourage you to call our office to set up your appointment (603) 352-8661. Currently we are only seeing patients in our Keene and Rindge NH offices, but welcome any Brattleboro patients to see us at one of these locations until the state of Vermont gives us the approval to reopen our Brattleboro office.

Your safety is our top priority. We have made some additional changes when you come to our office. We will be taking temperature checks, asking you a health questionaire and asking that you wear a mask or face covering. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Please take a moment to watch this video from Dr. Miller.

Office Update 5/4/2020

Dear Patients and Families,

Thank you so much for your patience as we have tried our best to navigate this challenging time.  Your support and understanding have been amazing, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the office in the very near future.  We have been busy preparing for your return, researching best practices, communicating with leaders and experts and training our team.  Although we are not ready to resume normal operations, we are seeing emergencies and we will begin reaching out to schedule patients with active, unattended orthodontic appliances that may be developing urgent problems.  As we anticipate a phased reopening of our practice, I want to share with you some of the ways in which we will be keeping you and your loved ones safe, as well as ensuring the safety of our team.

Orthodontic offices have always been one of the safest public environments due to the protocols we use in our practices.  We have always provided the highest level of sanitation and sterilization in our offices.

  • Instruments are cleaned, wrapped and sterilized for use on each patient
  • Surface disinfectants and regular cleaning ensure the office is ready for your visit
  • Gloves, masks and safety glasses help protect patients and providers from communicable diseases
  • We use an outside service to monitor the effectiveness of our sterilization equipment and protocols
  • We train regularly on the topic of infection control and look for ways to improve, including hiring expert consultants

In addition to the protocols we already have in place, we have been developing and training on new procedures to increase safety during the pandemic.  Many of these changes will be temporary; some may be permanent.

  • We will be monitoring the temperature and symptoms of each of our employees
  • We will not be seeing patients with flu-like symptoms or fever  
  • We will be taking patients temperatures and asking everyone to wear a mask or face covering in the office, except during the orthodontic procedure
  • Parents and siblings will not be allowed in the office, except in the case of young children
  • Our toothbrush stations and public bathrooms will be closed
  • Our schedule will be altered to reduce the number of patients in the office
  • Some procedures will be modified to reduce risk to patients and employees
  • Increased levels of PPE will be worn by our team for various types of appointments
  • And, unfortunately, no ice cream or cookies will be served for now!

In order to be successful, we are going to need your help.  There are some things you can do to help make our return to practice successful.  Eventually, we hope to return to a more “normal” routine, but in the meantime, we ask 

  • If you or someone in your household have flu-like symptoms, fever, or have reason to think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment
  • Please “BRUSH REAL GOOD!” before you leave home, since our brushing stations will be closed.
  • When you arrive, please wait in the car and text our office at (802) 518-0188
  • We will ask you some health screening questions and take your temperature
  • Please wear a mask or face covering in the office
  • Your appointment may be different than originally planned.  We may not be able to accomplish everything in one visit like we have in the past.  Thank you for your understanding
  • We will call you to schedule your next appointment

We ask for your extreme patience with us.  We have had to cancel a tremendous number of appointments and will not be back to full speed when our doors open.  We know you have a strong desire to get your treatment back on track as soon as possible and we share that goal.  However, we need to make sure we are operating in a manner which is safe and responsible.

For those who do not yet feel comfortable attending an in-person orthodontic visit, we will continue to provide virtual treatment consultations!  This easy process allows you take pictures of your teeth with your cell phone and receive an update on your progress and any recommendations.  You can find the virtual consult page at millerorthodonticspecialists.com/vc.

While we are taking these extra precautions seriously, we are also encouraging laughing, smiling, telling jokes, air high fives and fist bumps!  We are beyond excited to see our patients again soon and help you achieve the smile of your dreams!  Please call or email us with any questions!

Office Update – April 7th

Hi from Dr. Miller!
Please take a moment to watch this video with some updates regarding our office from Dr. Miller. At this time due to the NH Governor’s stay-at-home orders and the ADA and NH Dental Society recommendations we are only seeing emergency appointments at this time. We hope to reopen on May 4th. Patients who have appointments with us will be getting a call, text or email to reschedule your appointment.
We are also offering virtual consultations/visits if you are interested please visit http://www.KeeneOrtho.com/VC.

We will be in touch if anything does change with our reopening date. We miss all our patients! Please do contact our office if you need anything or have any questions.

Office Closure Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Patients and Family,

Due to these unprecedented and rapidly changing circumstances, we know you might have some questions about the covid-19 pandemic and how it may affect your orthodontic care. Our team has put together this FAQ to help you gain some amount of clarity in this part of your life. We are here to support you and will continue to find new ways to provide you with world-class orthodontic care.

How long will our office be closed?

 Our office is currently scheduled to reopen on April 6th May 4th. We are frequently assessing the situation and will be very transparent with next steps if that changes. Our team will be available to assist patients by phone and email from 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. To help keep our outgoing lines open for our team to handle patient concerns, we ask that you email our team at smile@millerorthodonticspecialists.com for the fastest response.

Why does the orthodontic office need to close?

Due to nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sweeping recommendations of numerous health and government officials, we must close our doors to all elective procedures for the safety of our community. Elective procedures are defined as any procedure that does not involve treating a medical or dental emergency.

How should I proceed if I am wearing braces or an appliance?

Please make sure you keep good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing three times a day. Also remember, DO NOT eat forbidden foods to avoid any breakage. If wearing any elastic continue to do so as directed. Your braces will continue to straighten your teeth all day and night. Proper elastic wear will continue to correct your bite. We will be able to advance your treatment once we reopen.

How should I proceed if I am wearing Invisalign aligners?

 Please make sure to keep wearing your active aligners as instructed to continue progressing your treatment. 

 If you no longer have aligners to continue to your next week, it is perfectly fine to reduce your last aligner wear to a retainer phase of 8-10 hours per day to ensure that your teeth stay in position and make your aligner last longer. Keep your aligners clean and avoid all drinks other than water while wearing them. When our office reopens, we will make a new digital scan for new aligners. Always remember to wash your hands before placing and removing your aligners or elastics.

What should I do if I am scheduled to start treatment soon?

We are excited for all our patients to take this big step, and look forward to seeing your new smile when it is finished. We are hopeful that this schedule alteration will be short. When this situation has stabilized, we are going be ready for you!

What about getting my braces off?

 Although dental care is very safe for patients and providers with standard universal precautions and hospital level sterilization protocols, the removal of orthodontic bonding materials produces aerosols that can possibly contain biological material. A deferral of removing braces is a good practice at a time like this. Always brush and floss thoroughly to maintain your dental health as we await the passing of this situation. We will resume removal of braces when we are advised that it is safe to do so.

I have a routine monitoring appointment upcoming (retainer check, growth monitoring, recall examination, or new patient consultation).

These appointments are very important, but by their nature become elective at a time like this. We will maintain all appointment records within our computer system, and will reschedule them appropriately when the community situation returns to normal.

We are told to wash our hands frequently; how should we handle wearing aligners, retainers, elastics, etc?

It is important to continue wearing your aligners and your rubber bands to maintain your treatment progress, or your treatment result if currently wearing retainers. Follow recommendations by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after removing or placing your aligners, retainers, or elastics. These items can also be washed or cleaned in a diluted soap and water solution. An old toothbrush is ideal for this purpose. After cleaning the appliance, rinse thoroughly in cold water to minimize the soapy taste, just like when doing the dishes.

I lost or broke my retainer or aligner. What should I do?

 It is always important to wear your retainers after your treatment is complete. Call the office or write us an email, someone will be contact you to see how we can proceed.

I have a poking wire or other irritation that is bothering me. What do I do?

Call us! We will instruct you on the best resolution to the problem. We will try to help you with an easy fix at home. In the event of a true emergency situation involving pain, this could involve a quick trip to the office for a fix in a private setting where you would be the only patient in the office.

To stay updated on how our office is responding, follow us on facebook.com/keeneortho for updates. 


Thank you for your understanding, and we are truly grateful that you have chosen to support our small business. We wish you all good health, and we can’t wait to see you again in person real soon!

Dr. Miller and Team