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What is the cost of orthodontic treatment?

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends upon the severity of the patient’s problem. Our treatment coordinator will discuss fees and payment options during your initial exam, if treatment is required. We have different payment plans to suit your budget and accept assignment from most insurance plans. We work hard to make orthodontics affordable for every family.

What does my investment include?

We believe in being upfront with our fee, which you will receive on the day of your first visit, with no hidden expenses later.  Your investment includes:

  • Orthodontic records, which consists of photographs, x-rays, and a personalized workup to determine your treatment objectives.
  • Initial fabrication and placement of all recommended appliances.
  • Active treatment fee for both early treatment options and complete comprehensive treatment with braces or Invisalign includes all appliances, office visits, and procedures performed in the office as well as all emergency visits and repairs to broken appliances.
  • Removal of appliances and final orthodontic records
  • One set of final retainers is provided upon completion of treatment. There is a replacement fee for each additional retainer that is lost or broken.

Financial Arrangements

At Miller Orthodontic Specialists, we are willing to discuss many options for payment of fees. We feel that financial issues, whenever possible, should not prevent you from receiving the orthodontic treatment you or your family needs. When a treatment plan is agreed on, whether it is a comprehensive long-term treatment, or simply an appliance and limited office visits, a financial arrangement is completed prior to the start of the treatment.

Options for Financial Arrangements

  1. Flexible payment arrangements. Low down payments combined with interest free monthly payments make this the most popular option for our patients.
  2. Prepayment. Total treatment fees over $3000.00 that are paid in full at the start of treatment will receive a 5% if paying by check or cash, or a 3% discount if paying by credit card.
  3. For your convenience, monthly payments are automatically taken directly from your checking or savings account.

Dental Insurance

Some patients have dental insurance which covers part of the cost of orthodontic treatment. Please bring in your insurance information at the time of your first visit so that we may file the claim for you at the start of treatment. We accept assignment of benefits for most insurance plans. By doing this, the family’s out-of-pocket expense is substantially lower. Should there be any change in your policy prior to full payment of the insurance benefit, please contact our office immediately so adjustments may be made to your contract.

Flexible Spending Accounts (Flex or FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are also often used to pay for orthodontic treatment.

Thank you for reading this information. We hope that your questions have been answered. If not, please call us at (603) 352-8661. Everyone at Miller Orthodontic Specialists looks forward to working with you. We want you to enjoy your experience at our office—to give you a reason to smile, while we are shaping that great smile!

Jessica Houle
Jessica Houle
My daughter's teeth look amazing!! All gaps are gone. Staff was amazing and friendly.
All Staff and Friendly/Kind ! Amazing work and very happy with results!
Beth Tom
Beth Tom
The knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism extended to me while straightening my teeth was... exceptional! Everyone was so personable as well!! Thank you!read more